Ribbons and sewing threads

Our Topsellers in Ribbons and sewing threads
elastic cord, white
1.0mm /sales unit = 500m spool
Item No.: 150231
8878/9100 white
head band, left, 500m spool
Item No.: 150125
8878/9100 white
head band, right, 500m spool
Item No.: 150126
15mm white loop coin
sales unit = 1500 pcs.
150 pcs./sheet, self-adhesive
Item No.: 150239
8878/9100 white
head band, 100m spool
Item No.: 150282
3315/9369 red 100m spool
ribbon marker 5mm
Item No.: 150333
no. 30 linen thread 2820
50g, approx. 300m/spool
sales unit = 10 spools
Item No.: 150095
15mm hook coin, self-adhesive
white, sales unit = 1500 pcs.
150 pcs/sheet
Item No.: 150221
13mm white loop coin
sales unit = 1190 pcs.
119 pcs./sheet, self-adhesive
Item No.: 150323
elasctic cord, 2mm, white
length: 300mm with barbs
sales unit = 100 pcs.
Item No.: 150237
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