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pen loop black,self-adhesive
40x40mm, unit: 10pcs.
15mm loop- flat elastic cord
Item No.: 190337
Planatol BB
1.05 kg tin
Item No.: 170012
file mechanism white,self-adh.
3 parts: bar, prong,
base:150x16mm, unit = 250pcs.
Item No.: 160110
self-adhesive pocket transp
95x60mm wide side open
for business cards, unit: 100
Item No.: 190156
Planatol Block glue
1.05 kg tin
Item No.: 170025
file mechanism white, 4 parts
assembled,adhes. base:150x16mm
sales unit = 250pcs.
Item No.: 160143
glue spot strong, unit: 1500
approx. 12mm, for dot shot
residue-free removable
Item No.: 192075
glue spot strong
approx. 9mm, unit: 8000pcs.
residue-free removable
Item No.: 192064
0404 526 licorice (schwarz)
width 1060mm
Item No.: 110054
Planatol BB
5.5 kg bucket
Item No.: 170013
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