File mechanism

On the following pages you will find everything that is needed to complete a beautiful and exclusive looking folder. It goes without saying that we do not only offer basic products for various needs but that we also are trying to offer you the cherry on the cake. Our experts always keep an eye on a simple and efficient handling - see our item 160110 ? mounted 5 pieces on a plate. Time is money!
Our Topsellers in File mechanism
file mechanism white,self-adh.
3 parts: bar, prong,
base:150x16mm, unit = 250pcs.
Item No.: 160110
file mechanism white, 4 parts
assembled,adhes. base:150x16mm
sales unit = 250pcs.
Item No.: 160143
filing strip transp. 9945
2 filing tongues, self- adhes.
sales unit = 500pcs.
Item No.: 161285
12cm cover strip plastic
sales unit: 1000pcs.
Item No.: 160103
filing strip, transp. 120D
extra long tongues
self-adhesive, unit = 500pcs.
Item No.: 161130
file prong white-paint
sales unit: 1000pcs.
Item No.: 160097
9,5cm cover strip plastic
sales unit: 1000pcs.
Item No.: 160104
file mechanism white, 3 parts
unassembled, base:150x20mm
sales unit = 1000pcs.
Item No.: 162510
file prong brass colour
sales unit: 1000pcs.
Item No.: 160095
file prong, white sheathed
without end caps
sales unit: 1000pcs.
Item No.: 160098
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