Filmolux / protection films

Our Topsellers in Filmolux / protection films
Filmolux 609 glossy, 25146
25m x 32cm
Item No.: 190134
Filmolux 609 glossy, 26728
50m x 6cm
Item No.: 190112
Filmolux 609 glossy, 26727
50m x 4cm
Item No.: 190110
Filmolux 610 glossy, 26602
50mx4cm, extra strong adhesion
Item No.: 190161
Filmolux 610 glossy, 26603
50mx6cm, extra strong adhesion
Item No.: 190162
Filmolux soft glossy, 26866
25m x 26cm, correctable film
Item No.: 190187
Filmolux 609 glossy, 25148
25m x 41cm
Item No.: 190141
Filmolux glossy, 25168
25m x 41cm
reduced initial adhesion
Item No.: 190173
Filmolux soft glossy, 26873
25m x 34cm, correctable film
Item No.: 190190
Filmolux 609 glossy, 26726
50m x 3cm
Item No.: 190108
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