Ring Wire XL- spool

Ring Wire bindings are perfectly suited for often used documents like, manuals , operating instructions, etc. Ring Wire bindings make your brochure stable and give it a very professional look. Pages can be turned 360°. It is also a good binding method for high-quality calendars.
Our Topsellers in Ring Wire XL- spool
Ring Wire loops d=9.5mm
white 3/8" pitch 3:1
46000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161208
Ring Wire loops d=11.0mm
white 7/16" pitch 3:1
34000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161217
Ring Wire loops d=14.3mm
white 9/16" pitch 3:1
21500 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161233
Ring Wire loops d=8.0mm
white 5/16" pitch 3:1
64000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161200
Ring Wire loops d=12.7mm
white 1/2" pitch 3:1
26000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161225
Ring Wire loops d=9.5mm
silver matt 3/8" pitch 3:1
46000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161754
Ring Wire loops d=14.3mm
silver matt 9/16" pitch 3:1
21500 loop/XL spool
Item No.: 161757
Ring Wire loops d=16.0mm
silver matt 5/8" pitch 2:1
10500 loop/XL spool
Item No.: 161764
Ring Wire loops d=8.0mm
silver glossy 5/16" pitch 2:1
40000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161381
Ring Wire loops d=19.0mm
silver matt 3/4" pitch 2:1
8000 loops/XL spool
Item No.: 161765
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