Measuring tools and devices

Our Topsellers in Measuring tools and devices
ruler 500mm stainless steel
with scale
Item No.: 180121
gauge with initial stop
Item No.: 180301
Item No.: 180122
ruler 300mm stainless steel
with scale
Item No.: 180210
thread counter, plastic
Ø 18mm, aperture 20 x 20 mm
8-fold magnification
Item No.: 60408
ruler 1000mm stainless steel
with scale
Item No.: 180168
compasses 150mm
Item No.: 180238
ruler made of iron, 1000mm
without scale
Item No.: 180056
angle iron for bookbinders
350 x 200mm
Item No.: 180231
Last update: Aug 20, 2019 at 5:35 AM
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