Tools for book binding and wooden tools

Our Topsellers in Tools for book binding and wooden tools
Item No.: 180002
bookbinding needles
25 pcs. per bag
Item No.: 180031
cotton gloves size 8
1 pair
Item No.: 49808
cotton gloves size 9
1 pair
Item No.: 49809
cotton gloves size 7
1 pair
Item No.: 49807
rubber finger green
size 2, 15mm
Item No.: 180020
cotton gloves size 10
1 pair
Item No.: 49810
rubber finger green
size 3, 17mm
Item No.: 180021
disposable latex gloves
size "M", powdered
sales unit: 100 pcs.
Item No.: 49502
Last update: May 13, 2021 at 5:34 AM
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